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How the Upcoming Holidays Can Mess with Your Sleep Agenda

We’ve all been there. Invite after invite, Friday to Sunday. With the weekend calendar starting to fill up with social outings galore, we can quickly begin to lose our sleep schedule to the excitement of our social calendar. So, what are some things you can do to mitigate a sleepless night’s aftershocks?

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The Late Night Catch Up: Let's Talk Sleep Debt

The conversation around catching up on sleep is a common one among adults, with the interruption of your much loved sleep cycle can stem from a range of activities in your life. Whether it be study, work, or social activities, a lack of sleep can have more of a significant impact on your everyday life then you realise. 

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What is the difference between Sleep Quiet Products?

When you’ve had enough of the suffering that yours or your partners’ snoring is creating then you want a quick and easy answer that you can find right at your fingertips. Scrolling through Google usually leaves you feeling overwhelmed at best...all of the sleep aid products in view and yet you don’t know what the difference each has to offer. At Sleep Quiet, we can understand your frustration so we thought we would lend a helping hand and dive into our various strips and explain their differences. Everyone is different Everyone has a different nose on their face, so we have created two sizes that will fit the majority of noses, if they don’t you can tell us and we...

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