What is the difference between Sleep Quiet Products?

When you’ve had enough of the suffering that yours or your partners’ snoring is creating then you want a quick and easy answer that you can find right at your fingertips. Scrolling through Google usually leaves you feeling overwhelmed at best...all of the sleep aid products in view and yet you don’t know what the difference each has to offer. At Sleep Quiet, we can understand your frustration so we thought we would lend a helping hand and dive into our various strips and explain their differences.

Everyone is different

Everyone has a different nose on their face, so we have created two sizes that will fit the majority of noses, if they don’t you can tell us and we will take your feedback on! Please read below our sizes and whom they are most suitable for.


At Sleep Quiet we tend to not range a small size, medium is our smallest. Medium strips are for those who have a smaller nose. Most women and smaller guys find the medium size most comfortable.


Our other size is large, and the large nasal strip tends to fit most men.

Our different types of strips

Trial Pack

Our trial pack is great for anyone who hasn’t used our product before. In it, you receive 7 strips for each type of nasal strip. This allows you to mix each kind every night to really get an understanding of what suits you and your needs.

Even if you don’t purchase a trial pack, we do provide you with a couple of samples of the other kinds for free with your purchase.

Starter Pack

This starter pack is one of our most popular packs as it contains 44 strips which will definitely show you results within the month. The majority of our first-time purchasers will repurchase shortly after.

Strong Hold & Flex  Tan (Large & Medium)

These describe the type of hold the strips have. Those who suffer from oily skin or know they roll over in their sleep may want to go for the Strong Large or Medium,  Remove these with care or even use water and soap or remove them in the shower 

Clear Sensitive & Discrete

TGA approved the Clear Sleep Quiet Nasal Strip continues to help new and loyal return customers. These are completely unique and customised to Sleep Quiets strict requirements 

The only nasal strip that is one size fits all is our clear, these aren’t ranged in various sizes. If you are susceptible to having dry or sensitive skin we recommend going with the clear strip as it is easier to peel off and won’t aggravate your sensitive skin.

With that said, if you ever have any questions regarding what would be the right fit for you, or which pack you should try first, feel free to send us an email or get in touch and we will be more than happy to guide you!

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