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How To Stop Snoring Immediately

Whether you live with a snorer, sleep next to one, or are one, we all know that snoring can be a major disruption to our ever-important sleep cycle. From the sound emitted from the snorer, or the underlying health issues that create snoring, this common sleep stealing bandit can have more impacts on everyday life than meets the eye. So, if you’re now reaching for the keyboard to find 101 solutions on how to stop snoring immediately, then look no further as we’ve got you covered.

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The Late Night Catch Up: Let's Talk Sleep Debt

The conversation around catching up on sleep is a common one among adults, with the interruption of your much loved sleep cycle can stem from a range of activities in your life. Whether it be study, work, or social activities, a lack of sleep can have more of a significant impact on your everyday life then you realise. 

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     Tip # 1: A CLEAN NOSEKeep a small pack of Facial Wipes ($1 at Aldi) in your bedside draw Tip # 2 : TAKE COUPLE OF QUICK SNORTS ON A VICKS INHALERTip # 3 : NOW THIS IS THE ONE...To protect the sensitive bridge of your nose tear off a small fingernail-sized piece of the strip backing paper and place it in the middle of the strip.This stops it from sticking when you remove it and doesn't affect the function of the strip at all.Have a look at the attached photo and video...Good Luck fellow snorers       

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