How To Stop Snoring Immediately

Whether you live with a snorer, sleep next to one, or are one, we all know that snoring can be a major disruption to our ever-important sleep cycle. From the sound emitted from the snorer, or the underlying health issues that create snoring, this common sleep stealing bandit can have more impacts on everyday life than meets the eye. As the snorer, your REM sleep cycle isn’t the only thing at risk of long-term deterioration as a result of the dreaded snore. A study conducted by the Rush University Medical Centre found that relationships with at least one untreated snorer in the bedroom statistically showed higher divorce rates than those with an absence of it in their relationship.


Why should snoring be stopped as soon as it’s detected?

Over the past few decades, major advancements in sleep technology have allowed us to narrow down the causes of snoring. Sleep apnea, deviated septums, inflamed airways and sleeping positions are some of the most common root causes of our sleep woes. Despite being identified, leaving these conditions untreated has devastating effects, eroding at even the most stable of relationships if the snoring isn’t stopped immediately.


Misophonia is known as a major killer of adult relationships. Known as “sound rage”, misophonia is a mental condition that makes up 15%-20% of the population and causes major outbursts of anger when obtrusive sounds such as snoring occur regularly. With snoring rates and misophonia rates as high as they are, it’s no shock that the appearance of overlap of both conditions occurs regularly in relationships. 


Sleep apnea, a sleep disorder with disproportionately higher numbers in men than women, has been shown to have significant effects on relationships by causing cognitive, hormonal, and emotional complications. Snoring complications can cause hormonal disruption by increasing the stress hormone, cortisol, during sleep. Overproduction of cortisol has been shown to result in significant sexual health problems, lowering libido and emotional regulation abilities in those affected. Cognitive and emotional issues also stem from a snorer’s ability to cause regular sleep disruption. “Brain fog”, caused by low quality or minimal sleep, impacts people’s ability to effectively communicate and perceive body language and emotions, resulting in inappropriate emotional responses and rash decision making in everyday life. By taking measures to put a stop to snoring immediately, any associated implications are put to a halt with the sound.


So, if you’re now reaching for the keyboard to find 101 solutions on how to stop snoring immediately, then look no further as we’ve got you covered.


First Thing’s First: Let’s Talk Nasal Strips

Blocked airways and deviated septums are some of the most common causes of the dreaded snore. Caused by an array of factors such as odd positionings of the head, colds, and sports injuries (to the nasal passage), the effects of snoring from deviated septums and congested nasal systems are as easily stopped as they are created. Avoid a sleep divorce with your partner by opting for a solution that opens the nasal passage without going under the knife. Nasal strips take the difficulty out of sleep solutions by creating an affordable and accessible solution for those impacted by snoring. By giving structure and support to inflamed, blocked, or deviated nasal systems, the strips allow seamless flow of air through the airways. An open and free slowing airway means a shared bed and a full night’s rest isn’t an unattainable dream. Keep your emotional and physical bond intact with your partner by giving your airways a Sleep Quiet Nasal Strip makeover.


Summer Sun, Something’s Begun (Hint Hint, It’s Allergies)

Although Grease is a family favourite in many households, we have concluded that the lyrical artists weren’t victims of the dreaded allergy season. So you may be asking, how can allergies cause snoring? Allergies, caused by the overreaction of a sensitive immune system to certain allergens, cause significant inflammation of the airway system. Inflammation without any form of treatment causes the lack of free-flowing air within the airways, causing vibrations of soft tissues during the evening. Luckily, those with allergies can put a stop to snoring before the summer season. A combination of nasal strips, anti-inflammatory medication, and hypoallergenic sleep linen creates the perfect concoction for snore-less nights. By directly removing the inflammation, opening the airways, and creating an environment with minimal reactive allergens, snoring can say goodbye to being a woe during the warmer months.


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, But It Doesn’t Hurt to Get a Check-Up

There’s no shame in admitting that going to the doctor can be a daunting task. Whether it be a fear of needles or the fear of less-than-ideal results from that test you were putting off (we’ve all been there), we all feel like we have a plethora of reasons to avoid our annual check up. When it comes to putting a stop to snoring immediately, your local sleep specialist can be your best friend. Look for certain symptoms that indicate your sleep disruptor may be on the upper end of the snoring spectrum. Experiencing pain whilst asleep, excessively loud snoring, insomnia, and chronic exhaustion are some major tell-tale signs that it’s time to phone your sleep specialist. Starting with a diagnosis, whether it be sleep apnea, a structural issue within the airway, or something more, is the first step in snuffing out the snore. Give yourself the best chance at sleep by talking to a sleep specialist to get a solution.


It’s no secret that the effects of snoring aren't just confined to the bedroom. Prioritise your sleep by taking the measures to stop snoring immediately.


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