The Five Stages Of Snoring

Snoring, it's one of those things that everyone denies they do, especially when they are confronted with the facts. The snorer’s partner will tell the snorer that they snore, and yet the snorer will not believe it. Many feel a sense of shame, awkwardness and discomfort when told they snore. Why? It’s a natural issue, it happens in 70% of adults at one stage or another and yet when faced with the issue, we (the snorer) sweep it under the rug. We have collated the five stages of a snorer before they accept and face the snoring at hand.


Stage 1: Stumbling through the triggers


Wow what a night! You’ve just stumbled home from a big night out. Your bed is nowhere in sight, yet through bleary eyes you notice it is 3am...yep you really overdid it this time. Tomorrow is going to come with a rude awakening. “That is for future (insert your name here) to worry about”, you think as you shuffle to the bedroom- seeing your partner sleeping soundly you try your best to get into bed without a peep, but the squeak of the old mattress gives you away...woops. Through heavy eyelids, you mumble a goodnight and off to the land of nod you go.


With the sound of the kettle boiling, you get up...too quickly, bumping off the wall once or twice. The fun of the night is far behind you yet you are unfortunately met with the side effects of Jack Daniels. To make matters worse, your partner is leaning against the door jam driving daggers from there eyes aimed right at you...why?

“You were snoring like a jackhammer last night!” Snore?! Me, snoring? Never! And that’s when it all begins...


Stage 2: The denial


The denial seeps in and before you know it, you are covered in a shroud of disbelief. You couldn’t possibly snore...snoring is for...someone that isn’t you. (Yes, that is the best you can come up with) It is better than accepting that you are getting older, putting on some extra weight and that you can create a noise that can wake up the entire neighborhood. Each night you go to sleep, and each night you are woken up by your partner. It has gotten to a point that they circulate their chosen method every night. And each day you are met with facts, statistics and methods that can help your issue. Try and believe that your partner is bombarding you with information because they do care about you...and they desperately want to sleep. If you stay on this path of denial, it can cause a rip in your relationship as the snoring goes from a little joke to coming to a boiling frustration. Next thing you know you are ridden with guilt and sleeping on the couch. What will you choose to do?


Stage 3: Your partner gets creative


At the start your partner was being polite, but it has gotten to a point where this is now affecting their quality of life. They are starting to fumble at work, make mistakes, feel uncomfortable driving- all because they lack the sleep to create the energy they need to take on the day.

So what do they do? They now find ways to stop you from snoring by creating methods to wake you up.

  • The “rabbit” punch in the ribs
  • The “Ashi Barai” – Foot Sweep” 
  • “Not really that accidental” Push to one side
  • “The Elbow” Elbow to the ribs
  • “The Bounce” big sigh and aggressive roll over combo (as we like to call it)

Then there are methods you have also adopted (unwillingly might we add):

  • Your own snoring wakes you up...because you are that loud
  • The paranoia keeps you awake because you are too guilty to sleep

Either way, one of you in your relationship is not getting sleep, so you try to create some home made solutions. Anything will do right?


Stage 4 : The home made solutions


Now before we tell you what these home made solutions are, bear in mind we never said that they would work, or that they were pleasant. These are what people do to get by night after night. These impractical solutions are definitely not a long term fix. Maybe you can also relate to these:

Your partner has adopted ear plugs in hopes they can block out your noise and when that doesn’t work they pull a pillow over their head with a shred of hope.

And when that fails to work, you are booted to the spare room or the living room where you will sleep alone with a stale blanket that you have found at the bottom of your linen closet.


Stage 5: Accept defeat and look for real answers

You’ve had enough and so has your partner, your relationship means more than your dignity and you want a chance to reclaim your place back in your bed. The first thing you look to for answers are the solutions your partner had saved months ago. Remember? The information they were bombarding you with?

As you search the internet for answers, it's all starting to look a little bleak. Each solution seems more invasive than the other. 


The fact is, you’re not even sure that these methods are necessary. They are expensive and invasive and yet they are all for the sufferers of sleep apnoea and more serious conditions. You just need something to aid your snoring.

After months of research, you found us, Sleep Quiet, an inexpensive remedy that doesn’t affect the way that you sleep. It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t invasive and it is a simple and easy remedy that provides effective results. 


Want a good night's sleep that doesn’t involve spending a night away from your partner, finding bruises in the morning or inserting things into your head? Try our starter pack! Your partner will love you for it.

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