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It's More Than Snoring

Enjoying a well rested sleep is becoming further from the truth. In this day and age we are engrossed in blue light, yellow light, digital stimulants, organic stimulants and stress that seems to build up over time rather than dissipate into the background. It’s a wonder how anyone gets sleep in the 21st century! There are many sleep heroes parading on the market, many dressing their brand up in a clinical laboratory coat and a bazillion promises to aid your already whirring mind. Sleep Quiet is different. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t, it’s promise? To sleep quietly. So who are they and what real difference will they make amongst the competitor noise?

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Say Goodnight To The Elephant In The Room

Are we desensitised to the issue of snoring? Is it actually a topic that we recognise as a constant issue? Obesity rates skyrocketing, consistent back issues and even asthma trump the topic of snoring any day when it comes to distinguishing health problems in Australia. How can we really blame them? We’ve been sucked into watching Disney characters like Pluto, Humphrey the Bear and Donald Duck snore for days. The comical element brushes the serious out of the issue. If it's not deemed serious by society what is the urgency about getting the help the snorer needs. Why is it important to admit there is an issue?

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