It's More Than Snoring

Enjoying a well rested sleep is becoming further from the truth. In this day and age we are engrossed in blue light, yellow light, digital stimulants, organic stimulants and stress that seems to build up over time rather than dissipate into the background. It’s a wonder how anyone gets sleep in the 21st century! There are many sleep heroes parading on the market, many dressing their brand up in a clinical laboratory coat and a bazillion promises to aid your already whirring mind. Sleep Quiet is different. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t, it’s promise? To sleep quietly. So who are they and what real difference will they make amongst the competitor noise?

It’s more than snoring

Snoring is in fact only one element that Sleep Quiet aids. Building stronger relationships between partners is what it is all about. Snoring does not ail the snorer solely. It affects the partner in the room. If you’re reading this you are either the Snorer or the partner who is donning permanent black bags under their eyes- so you can understand when we say that the issue affects more than what originally meets the eye, or should we say ear…?

There is constant tension that is bubbling under the surface. The snorer feels guilty for something that they cannot help and the partner feels guilty for waking up the Snorer, but what is the alternative? Invasive operations, unruly costs, another machine to charge at night? Maybe, but maybe trying a less invasive method like a sleep nasal strip may just do the trick. More often than not that can help aid the Snorer and allow them to come back into their own bedroom to get a comfortable night's sleep.

Why so serious?

The fact of the matter is snoring is a serious issue that gets swept under the rug. It may not look like the usual medical issue but judging on the way it affects a relationship, we’d say it can be in the serious category. So we have determined that. However, just because it’s serious doesn’t mean we have to be serious about it. Making light of a serious condition can help those who are habitual snorers come to terms with their snoring and feel a lot more comfortable expressing how it affects them and their families. It’s not taboo. It happens in around 40% of male and 27% of females. Sleep Quiet takes a serious issue, flips it on it’s head because, why not? Why focus on it’s seriousness when you can focus on the positives: there is help. Sleep Quiet focuses on how they can help the snorer and their partner, and how it really doesn’t have to be a big deal. It’s as easy as popping on a nasal strip and you are good to go.

We get it on a personal level

From the handwritten notes to ensuring your order fulfilment is above average, this small team has the personal touch down pat. They know as much as anyone how snoring affects a partnership, whether you're married or dating- it doesn’t make a difference. CEO and Founder of Sleep Quiet, Marc Weidner, suffered from snoring. His wife and partner in crime suffered also. Incessantly hitting him in the ribs to make him stop, feeling bad after he had woken up, to him not wanting to go back to sleep until she had- afraid that the snoring would occur again. Around and around that cycle went until one day he was sleeping on the couch so Michelle could get some rest and thought “I need to do something about this.” Sleep Quiet is more than making a cheap buck, it’s purpose was to create a business and make an impact. Through their customer service, you can see each step has been well-thought out with the customer in mind. You’re not just investing in your sleep health but in a family’s dream to help more and more Australians every year!

We don’t make promises they cannot keep

Are these nasal strips for everyone? No. There are some people out there with a serious case of snoring and are seeking a cure. This is not the product for them- that would require medical attention. But like everything in life, have a go and see what it does for you. Sleep Quiet wanted to make their nasal strips affordable. We aren’t fooling anyone or trying too. We are giving an option (although it's a one time use) to have a better, well- rested sleep. It may just do the trick, which can save you thousands of dollars- a price you won’t lose sleep over. As a business we are not about innovating a new product, as long as we provide accessibility and a good dose of affordability, we are more than happy, because at the end of the day we care about our customers.

This blog is to introduce to you who we truly are, the personality behind the business and that we are looking to show more and more of that as our business operates. If you want to learn more about Sleep Quiet check out our instagram.

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