We know as much as anyone how snoring affects a partnership, whether you're married or dating- it doesn’t make a difference.

Founder of Sleep Quiet, Marc Weiner, suffered from snoring. His wife and partner in crime, Michelle (Supply Chain Manager), suffered also. Incessantly hitting him in the ribs to make him stop, feeling bad after he had woken up, to him not wanting to go back to sleep until she had- afraid that the snoring would occur again. Around and around that cycle went until one day he was sleeping on the couch so Michelle could get some rest and thought “I need to do something about this.”

Sleep Quiet is more than making a quick buck, it’s purpose was to create a business and make an impact. Through their customer service, you can see each step has been well-thought-out with the customer in mind. You’re not just investing in your sleep health but in a family’s dream to help more and more Australians every year!



Meet Manny!



Manny is our brand's mascot, showing you the right way to use our product, educating you on the benefits of sleep and a constant reminder about that elephant in the room that we certainly want to get rid of...sorry Manny...