Snoring: Harmless, or the Cause of an Underlying Issue?

You’ve all heard the sound at one point of your life. It could've been through the walls of your house, on an outback camp with mates, or even from your partner in the middle of the night.


The culprit at hand is of course: snoring.


As a society, we’ve been desensitized to snoring across all aspects of text. Whether it be advertisements, movies, books or even daily conversations, the act of snoring has been brushed off as just an everyday issue of life


Despite this, snoring in itself is something to raise a concern for. It’s a sound that occurs when your airflow is blocked or restricted in your nasopharynx (a fancy word for nasal cavity). This causes that ragged, chainsaw-like sound that occurs throughout your sleep. Surprisingly enough, around 57% of men, and 40% of women actually snore at night, so what's the issue?


Heavy snoring can be a  major indicator of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Although uncommon, with only 2%-9% of adults living  with it,  OSA is a  sleep disorder that pairs with  issues such as obesity, enlarged  tonsils or adenoids, endocrine disorders, genetic syndromes and an overall lower  quality of life. This severity of snoring can be addressed and overcome through medical advice and intervention.


So what about the other 91%-98% of adults who snore?


Well, a major issue with snoring is the interference with you or your partner reaching the important REM step of  the sleep cycle. REM sleep is essential  for your  body and mind to feel rested, repaired and refreshed when you wake up. The interruption can cause an overall lowering of quality of life by impacting your work, relationships and mood.


So, what can you do as an adult that snores?


Sleep Quiet nasal strips reduce snoring by taking  the measures to remove the main culprit, a restricted nasal cavity. As a surgery free and affordable alternative to medicinal measures, Sleep Quiet's nasal strips ensure that you and your partner will be having the best sleep of your lives.


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Marc and the Sleep Quiet Team.