With over 6 months of product development and production, we are very proud to announce the launch of the SleepQuiet brand of Premium Nasal Strips

Our goal is to help snorers and their families achieve a better nights sleep and to provide a place to share your stories, frustrationssolutions and professional information

Check out our new website that has heaps of information and where you can purchase our great Premium Nasal Strips

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Through Manny (who is having a midlife crisis) and his beautiful but frustrated wife Minnie we aim to have some fun with a serious issue that affects nearly half of adults at some point in their lives.

We also hope to interact with snorers and partners of snorers in a less formal, enjoyable but informative way.

We have sent out heaps of orders and already receiving some wonderful feedback which is so pleasing. A quality product and great user experience is extremely important to us.

Hey Marc.

I hope everybody else is as happy as I am. I rely on nasal dilators every night to get a decent sleep. You have no idea how much this increases my quality of life! I am very glad you went with the design that is the final product; my favourite part of the strips is the fork design that hugs the nostril. It is one of the points of difference that make this the best strip I have tried. It knocks out the current market leader by far. 
Stay tuned for more posts about snoring in general and follow the love story of Manny and Minnie as they battle the challenge of Mannies snoring problem and Minnies lack of sleep....

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