*30%+ better performance with new strip application location

Hello my fellow snoring suffers

We're excited to bring some excellent news about our SleepQuiet Nasal Strips to our best and most valuable customers.

We launched our nasal strips nearly 1 year ago after in-depth research into the materials, the shape and adhesive to ensure we had the best strip on the market


But we have made an important discovery and it all started with a kick

OMG my wife is kicking me again and it’s 3 am in the morning


What a nightmare my strip was coming loose. Not only was my snoring back but now I couldn’t sleep at all because I was worried about our 1000’s of customers who this may also be affecting.

This is unacceptable as we all know in the middle of the night during that beautiful sleep, that snoring device just needs to work.

In the past three months, we have been testing our strips comprehensively particularly relocating the strip higher on my nose.


To my great surprise and joy the strip works just as well to help you breathe better but importantly IT NOW STAYS ON ALL NIGHT ALMOST 100% OF THE TIME EVEN WITHOUT CLEANING YOUR NOSE 1ST OR BEING DIFFICULT TO REMOVE

Any strip can stay on all night but it might take the skin of your nose when you remove it.....

                  ....NOT SLEEPQUIET they are still easy to remove with a little care….

If the strip coming loose has been your experience please try applying the strip a bit higher on your nose from now on. We sincerely apologise if our strips have failed you and would like to offer you this incredible offer as a goodwill gesture.

Should you have any questions at all please feel to reply to this email or send us a message here

Thank you for your continued loyalty and




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  *Performance results based on lower v higher nasal strip position on Nose Both positions tested over 14 consecutive nights by 1 SleepQuiet staff and 1 high usage customer   

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